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Hydraulic Drilling Machine Castle T 400
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Hydraulic Drilling Machine Castle T 6000
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In 2004, we started on the verge of manufacturing drilling and injection equipment of Turkey. . During this time, we developed in collaboration with the developing economy of Turkey and nowadays, we produce and market both underground and aboveground drilling machines and injection equipment. Our activity field in our plant which is constructed in 3500-m2 area, with our staff who are experienced in production, marketing and after-sales training and have extensive knowledge in their own field is not limited only to Turkey. As KALE GRUP; we also produce and market both underground and aboveground drilling machines and injection equipment for various countries of the World. In our activities we are maintaining in industrial sector, we don’t limit ourselves to production and marketing processes, we also continue to stand by our customers by operator trainings we present after sales. Besides, along the successful graph we’ve drawn since 2004; we are proud of being the first and only firm in production of automatic injection plants in Turkey and we keep working by producing reasonable provisions for sectoral expectations to raise our success graph every passing day. OUR MİSSİON: At every stage of production process at KALE GRUP; “we are carrying the consciousness of that ‘the production is the basic element’ in development of a country. At the same time; also in our basic existence reason, production, we adopt ‘resistance’ and ‘quality’ as our uncompromised values And through our products which are used in industrial sector safely; while lightening the burden of our country’s economy, we are contributing to our country’s economy. Because; we do not import the products which we present to the market. We produce them by ourselves and both present them to the domestic market and export them to the most of the countries of the World. OUR VİSİONS: As KALE GRUP; as it has been so far, in the short-term and long-term future, for our customers all around Turkey and in most countries of the World; we are aiming to produce not only the products fit with changing economical conditions and daily developing technology but also realistic and permanent solutions. While maintaining the permanent and amicable communication with our customers under institutional prestige; beyond protecting our current position in the sector, we are aiming to grow to carry our country among the bests of the World in drilling and excavation machines. We are working with an investigative, innovator and solution-focused approach to provide all these factors, and with the conscious of that the branding is the precondition, and assurance of our steps which brought us from the past to the present, we believe that we will take our place among the future’s World brands, and we are striving for this.



“Ostim OSB. Mah., 1212. Sok, No: 3/A, Yenimahalle, Ankara, Türkiye”

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“Cemal GÜNNAR”


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